Cost of fluoridating city water Sex dating free profile viewing

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Cost of fluoridating city water

Despite its statewide requirement, Louisiana lags far behind most of the United States.About 220,000 Louisiana residents are served by community water systems that have naturally occurring, optimally fluoridated water; another 1.8 million are served by community water systems that fluoridate their water.Yet only 13 states—including Louisiana—have statutes or regulations requiring community water systems to fluoridate drinking water to a specific concentration or range.

Fluoridating a single well can cost from ,000 to ,000.

Today, just 43% of Louisianans live in a community that fluoridates its water—about the same percentage as when the bill passed. Given the state’s current budget woes, identifying funding anytime soon remains unlikely, Richard adds.

“We went through a lot to get the bill passed, but we’ve never been able to get the Legislature to appropriate any funding to help local communities,” says C. “From a budgetary standpoint, Louisiana is really hurting.

“We live in a state that has difficulty meeting financial needs,” he says.

“Some communities have an issue adding chlorine [to eliminate bacterial contamination], while many water systems have aging infrastructure that is expensive to replace.

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